Prompt-a-day pt 3- Indignation

Hello, I'm back y'all! It's been a minute but this idea got away with me. This story comes without a true prompt, it's more influenced by my love of gothic horror. I wanted to take the creeping darkness that accompanies gothic horror and bring it to a modern without further ado, please enjoy Indignation.... … Continue reading Prompt-a-day pt 3- Indignation

Prompt-a-Day pt 2- Apocalyptic Equinox

Hello, Welcome to promp-a-day part two, electric boogaloo. Today's short piece was deeply inspired by my multiple views of Good Omens on Amazon Prime as well as these two lovely prompts from this creative writing prompts blog .   Apocalyptic Equinox An angel and a demon met at the edge of a wood, stopping on … Continue reading Prompt-a-Day pt 2- Apocalyptic Equinox